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An extensive (but not thorough) selection of Skip's Film & TV credits from over the years.


Feature: Deep in the Heart  (Fin & Fur Films)  - Director of Photography

One of the lead cinematographers and a key team member in the development and planning of this monumental feature doc about the wildlife and conservation issues in the Lone Star State.  Narrated by Matthew McConaughey and in over 70+ theaters in Texas in June 2022.


Disney / Nat Geo: America the Beautiful  (Wildstar) - Cinematography

I helped shoot the bat emergence sequence, and supported photographer Karine Aigner with her Texas bobcat story.  


Netflix: Animal  (Plimsoll) - Cinematography

Black bear dens and emergence, & grey fox tree climbing sequence


PBS: Nature: Big Bend  (Crossing the Line) - Cinematography / Producer

Blue chip natural history film about the amazing wildlife of west Texas.  Lead cinematographer on this film I developed and produced with the amazing folks at Crossing the Line films.  Also broadcast on ORF, FranceTV, IRE


Disney / Nat Geo: Born Wild - The Next Generation (ABC News) - Cinematography

Presenter led earth day special, albeit not quite as originally envisioned with the onset of CoVid lockdowns.  I shot the remote segment in Sri Lanka with presenter Sandesh Kadur.


Netflix: Night on Earth  (Crossing the Line) - Cinematography

Shot the bat cave emergence story.  Don't know what it says about me that in this epic night time series, I got asked to film one of the only daylight sequences.  


Feature: River and the Wall  (Fin & Fur Films) - Additional photography

Shot some of the wildlife B-roll and south Texas scenery for this amazing adventure doc exploring the complexities of our southern border.  


Nat Geo Wild:  Wild Southwest  (Red Rock Films) - Cinematography

Shot 5x 1hr episodes for this blue cheap series about places in the Southwest(?) USA.  


Feature: Bird of Prey  (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) - Cinematography 

Part of Neil Rettig Productions team to spend 5 months in the tree tops capturing the natural history of the world's largest and most endangered eagle, the Philippine Eagle.


Nat Geo: StarTalk w/ Neil DeGrasse Tyson (NG Studios) - Cinematography

Shot Neil's interview with disgraced, former cyclist, Lance Armstrong.  Yeah I film people too.  


Nat Geo:Explorer  (NG Studios) - Cinematography

Shot A segment for yet another iteration and reboot of the Explorer series.  What do lemurs and missions to mars have in common?  I can't remember, but I got to meet an astronaut.  


Feature: River to the Heart - Cinematography

Feature documentary follows author Eddy Harris as he canoes the entire length of the Mississippi River for the second time in his life.  As Eddy explores the changes he sees in himself, the river, and America as a whole, the crew explored what it's like to almost sink a house boat and call the Coast Guard in Kentucky.  


Nat Geo: Access 360 - Angkor Wat

Some kind of docu show behind the scenes at this Unesco World Heritage site.  Between the camera equipment and the crew succumbing to Cambodia's heat it was miracle we made a good film.


National Geographic: Urban Jungles  (NGTV) - Cinematography

Series exploring natural history stories in modern man's environments.  Shot the sequence about the Mexican Free-tail bats that call Austin's Congress Ave Bridge their home.  Fun fact, we were the first (and maybe only still) people permitted to rappel off the bridge during the emergence.  


National Geographic: Secret Life of Predators  (NGTV) - Additional Photography

Second camera role on shoots in Ehtiopia, Panama, Philippines, Texas, & Tanzania


National Geographic: Untamed Americas  (NGTV) - Additional Cinematography

Second camera / AC / Field Producer role on shoots in Peru, Alaska, Texas, & Arizona.  

* Emmy Award Winning - Cinematography (Long Form). How many of us shared this award?  At least 24..., but who cares.  It's still shiny.  


National Geographic: Great Migrations  (NGTV) - Camera Assistant

Camera assistant on shoots in the Danum Valley, Sabah, Malaysia, Manu National park in the Peruvian Amazon, and the Mississippi Flyway


Nat Geo: Explorer: Climbing Redwood Giants  (John Rubin) - Camera Assistant

Camera assistant and expedition cinematography.
*Emmy nominated - Cinematography (Science and Nature)

*Emmy nominated - Science and Nature Film


Nat Geo: Secrets of the King Cobra  (NGTV) - Camera Assistant

Assisted my good friend Sandesh Kadur on some of the natural history and snake rescue sequences.  


Nat Geo: Snakes that Fly  (NGTV) - 2nd camera / assistant

A whole lot of high speed in this science and natural history film about some of the gliding lizards, snakes, and mammals of Southeast Asia.  Shot in Langkawi, Malaysia assisting my good friend and brilliant DoP, John Benam.


Nat Geo: Deadly Dozen - India, Amazon, & Central America  (NGTV) - Camera Assistant

Holy hell.  How many different ways can we reinvent a scene of someone getting bitten by a snake???  This kind of show might not be to my taste to watch, but it was an incredible learning experience for a young camera assistant, working alongside amazing DoP Andy Shillabeer.  


David Attenborough's Life in Cold Blood - Salamander high speed - Camera Assistant

Assisted Andy Shilabeer as he filmed salamander's with very slow metabolisms, and very fast tongues was no easy feat.  They can go months without feeding, but when they do, its faster than a blink of the eye.  


Nat Geo: Fire Ants  (NGTV) - Camera Assistant

A subject I had filmed as an undergraduate, luckily also found the interest of NGTV, and they needed someone local to assist the great Alastair MacEwen with some macro wizardry in the lab.  This was my first taste of what would become my career in Natural History cinematography, and I can't imagine a better introduction to the hard work and attention to detail than what I learned helping Alastair on that film.  

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